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President Obama has relaxed the restrictions on travel to Cuba.   
Americans can now travel to Cuba without requesting a specific license from the Treasury Department of the United States (OFAC), provided that the purpose of the trip is among the 12 categories of travel listed below.
1. - Family Visits on the island. 2. - Those conducting official business of the US Government, foreign governments, and certain intergovernmental organizations. 3. - Those engaging in Journalistic activities. 4. - Those undergoing vocational/professional research or professional meetings. 5. - Participating in educational activities or have an interest in knowing how education works in Cuba. 6. - Those participating in any religious activity or is interested in seeing how this activity is carried. 7. - Participating in public performances, clinics, workshops, athletic competitions, exhibitions and others of the same category. 8. - Those participating or involved in providing support for the Cuban people. 9. - Those participating in humanitarian projects. 10. - Those engaged in activities of private foundations or research institutes or schools. 11. - Those involved in the export, import or transmission of information materials. 12. - Those involved in certain export transactions that may be considered for approval in accordance with existing rules and guidelines.
If you belong to any of the above categories, contact us so that we may begin booking your trip to Cuba. We will arrange it in its entirety. We are familiar with the island from end to end. We also operate directly with Havanatur. We will be waiting to reserve your trip. Please contact us with for all your travel needs. Please be aware that booking a trip to Cuba is a timely process and one should contact us with sufficient to arrange and confirm the entire trip.
If you were born in Cuba and left the island after December 31, 1970 you will need your Cuban’s passport ,residence card or US passport current in order to travel.
If you were born in Cuba and left the island before December 31, 1970 you will need a Visa (Entry Permit) to visit . In order to obtain a Visa you need your Us Passport current and a prove of your emigracion before above date
If you were born in United States you will need a Current US Passport in order to travel. If you were born in another country, you will need your Alien Resident Card and copy of your country's passport (if you are not US citinzed)
Please contact us for more information
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